Concept of garden therapy according to IGGT


Humans and gardens have been closely linked since early human history.
Paradise is often associated with the image of a garden in people's imaginations, and many seek their own personal Garden of Eden. Gardens touch us, they awaken hopes and memories and they fulfil our most elementary needs. The garden is a place of security, remembrance and enjoyment of the beauty of the plants, but also a place for growing herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Garden design showcases the development of the various cultures. It reflects the changing lifestyle of people who are spending more and more time sitting. Because of their complexity, gardens address the existential, individual and social needs of humans. These needs can be met by people from different cultural, social and linguistic backgrounds through activities or stays in gardens.

Working with plants and nature offers a wide range of activities that have positive effects on physical and mental health. Gardening activities offer the possibility of a resource-oriented activity.

The constant change of plants in their life cycle and care are symbolic of many areas of human life.
For people of all ages, observing as well as influencing these natural processes can be an important part of life—if you let it happen.

People who are ill, in need of care, or socially disadvantaged often have more less access to plants and nature, but it is precisely this contact that is important for preventive health care, quality of life and recovery.

Every piece of green and nature – regardless of size – has the potential to be used therapeutically and socially and thus contribute to the health and well-being of the individual.

Gardening activities can take place indoors and outdoors, daily in the immediate environment and integrated into everyday life.
In order to make the best possible use of this potential positive impact for selected target groups, the guidelines of garden therapy are provided in the following IGGT Concept.

The IGGT Concept of Garden Therapy as a PDF file.


The IGGT Concept of Garden Therapy as a PDF file.

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